Your business

needs visibility from all angles

Your data

needs constant protection

Your users

are out in the wild internet frontier

Threats have levelled up
while security has remained stuck

Your attackers are machines, evolving at machine speed. Highly skilled staff constantly scanning threat-intel by hand is hugely costly, inefficient and simply not scalable.

Enter: The AI Revolution

SOCAutomation solves this challenge with our Edge AI Automated Threat Detection Technology. Its machine learning eyes are designed by cybersecurity experts to act like cybersecurity experts… at scale.

As a result, SOCAutomation delivers unrivalled protection against even the most devastating of attacks.

Security that doesn’t sleep

SOCAutomation deploys an army that keeps your business and data safe around-the-clock.

In the complex arena of cybersecurity, where botnet automatons attack your business in real-time from every angle, it’s vital to leverage SOCAutomation’s huge ecosystem of integrations to increase your security coverage by orders of magnitude, and at the same time free up valuable security staff and resources.

Network attacks are not new.
Making them easy to avoid is.

SOC analysts experience an alarmingly high number of alerts, leading to alert fatigue, decreased productivity, and an increased risk of missing critical security incidents. Current alert management processes and systems are struggling to filter and prioritize alerts, resulting in a flood of low-value or false-positive alerts that demand substantial time and effort to investigate, causing exhaustion and potentially overlooking genuine threats.

Capacity + Visibility = Impact

Machines enable a depth and breadth of monitoring not achievable by a human workforce. Empower your experts to do their highest-value work while SOCAutomation detects and responds to threats.

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DataHelix Artificial Intelligence

AI machine-learning that detects, triages and remediates threats across your organization's assets and users

Network Detection & Response

Detect and correlate threats and suspicious activity across your cloud, on-premise, sd-wan and remote network infrastructure

Phishing Detection & Response

Detect Phishing attacks and campaigns and automate the response in real-time Phishing Detection & Response

Alert Triage & Orchestration

Automate your workflows across your existing tools and investment Alert Triage & Orchestration - automate your workflows.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Automatically detect and rectify vulnerabilities and attack surfaces across your internet estate Threat Exposure Management.

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DataHelix TI

Leading-edge AI technology that detects new, randomized, auto-generated and as-yet-undiscovered threats attacking your estate



Privacy-driven vulnerability and web scanning for global enterprises


DataHelix Auto-SaaS

Unlock automation benefits without incurring the high costs of typical manual SOAR kits