Automated Threat Hunting with Orchestration and Proactive Response

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The Need for Automated, Proactive Security

Scale your security operations to meet today’s rising threats vectors and sophisticated threat actors by adding real automation and orchestration to your security infrastructure

The industry’s most advanced SOAR and automated threat hunting platform –
always on duty, always hunting, always preventing – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Why drown in an inundated amount of alarms when our dedicated platforms make your security operations streamlined and efficient through the automation of people, processes and technology

Capacity Challenge
With robotic and sophisticated attacks hammering on your business/IT infrastructure’s door, your security team are constantly drowning in alarms. Investigating these attacks on a manual intervention, case-by-case basis simply cannot scale to meet the dense barrage of these attacks.

The Capacity Challenge

Data Leakage Dilemma
Whether we like it or not, organisations leak huge amounts of its data into the wild. Cyber criminals use this data against you to gain access to your IT infrastructure and other crucial assets. The sheer volume and persistence of these attacks requires an automated ‘immune system’ to protect against this onslaught.

The Data Leakage Dilemma

How Automation and Real Machine Learning Helps You
Utilising automation and orchestration throughout the investigation and triage stage is the most effective form of defence against these mechanised attacks – freeing up your security experts to be security experts.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the Real World
SOCAutomation has a long pedigree of leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver unrivalled, super-fast ROI and vast improvements in Incident Response mitigation and remediation processes.

How Automation Helps You

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We offer a range of fully realised integrations out-of-the-box. From SIEM and threat intelligence tools to vulnerability scanners and GRC tools, SOCAutomation is able to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Below are a few examples of solutions we integrate with.

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