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Why SOCAutomation?

In the complex arena of cyber security, where botnet automations attack your business in real-time from every angle, it’s vital to leverage SOCAutomation’s huge ecosystem of technology integrations to lift your existing tooling to its very best.



The Future of Automated Cloud Security

SOCAutomation expects a barrage of unstructured data – because this is how the real world of the internet behaves.

This decisive approach allows SOCAutomation to deep-dive into all data – weeding out threats and attacks regardless of origin or format – while at the same time connecting and correlating across vast swathes of disparate data streams.

With SOCAutomation, the days of spending an eternity ‘boiling the ocean’ writing custom parsers and rules are over. Our technology takes care of the laborious and endless task of data handling and threat hunting for you – automatically and in real-time.

Beyond Detection to Proactive Action

While detection is great, and response is fantastic, how about automating into the ‘belly’ of attacks to achieve real proactive remediation?

This is the core essence of SOCAutomation – in your environment – today – right now. Only SOCAutomation delivers the AI capability to immediately expose and eliminate threats – offering unparalleled time to value for cybersecurity technology.

When you augment and extend your cybersecurity investment with SOCAutomation’s state-of-the-art Edge AI technology and automated sub-systems, you have a proactive defence juggernaut capable of thwarting even the most hostile of attack vectors.

Want to learn more?

Join the ranks of forward-thinking businesses who take on machine-speed automated attackers with the military-precision, real-time cyber-defence at scale, or speak to our experts to understand more about SOCAutomation’s approach and how it will impact your organization.

Network Detection & Response

Fortify your cyber defence like never before. Don't wait for disaster to strike - act now and safeguard your future.

Phishing Detection & Response

Don’t wait for users to detect phishing. Detect suspicious content in machine-time and trigger automated responses.

Alert Triage & Orchestration

Reduce time-to-recovery by integrating Firewall, EDR, SIEM and ALL other security alerts into proactive automation.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Proactively guard your network with our continuous monitoring, ensuring immediate threat identification and quick fixes.

Enterprise Network and Web SCAN

Unmatched global network and web vulnerability scanner to detect weaknesses across all assets in one platform.

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DataHelix TI

Leading AI that detects new, randomized, auto-generated and as-yet-undiscovered threats.


DataHelix AI

Edge AI technology that seeks out hackers' behaviour, giving attackers nowhere to hide.


DataHelix Auto-SaaS

Unlock automation benefits without incurring the high costs of typical manual SOAR kits.