Phishing Detection & Response (PDR)

Don’t wait for users to detect phishing.
Let suspicious content be detected in machine time, triggering real-time automated responses.

Why PDR?

Where AI Meets Expert Insight

DataHelix PDR leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to detect and hunt advanced threats, employing sophisticated decision-making using statistical analysis, networking, indexing, and cross-correlation techniques to deliver logic that mimics a SOC Analyst’s eyes and knowledge of processing alerts, emails, and data to identify attacks.

These machine eyes act like cybersecurity experts…at scale.

Supercharged and Scaled: Deploy AI to React to Incoming Threats

Why PDR?

Cut Through the Noise

Cluttered alerts can often lead to overlooked threats. PDR has an efficient alert system that ensures this doesn’t happen by forwarding only the most critical detections and alerts to SIEMs and ticketing systems. This results in a streamlined threat management process where the focus is on genuine concerns rather than sifting through noise.

Customised Threat Hunting

Every organization is unique, and so are its vulnerabilities. PDR actively hunts threats in emails based on criteria specific to your company, ensuring tailored protection that addresses your specific areas of concern.

User Awareness Training Integration

PDR is not just about detection; it’s also about prevention. When suspicious content is identified, it automatically links users to awareness training modules and phishing simulations. This ensures that your team is not just protected but also educated on the latest threat landscapes.

Catches What Others Miss

Beyond just static content, PDR understands the behaviour associated with email content. By monitoring anomalies in email patterns, sender behaviour, and recipient interactions, it provides an added layer of security, often missed by conventional filters, ensuring malicious activities, even if they are new or evolving, are caught in time.

Want to learn more?

Our expert team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can also demonstrate the technology in action to you and/or your colleagues.

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Phishing Detection & Response

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