Network Detection & Response (NDR)

Fortify your cyber defence like never before.
Don’t wait for disaster to strike – act now and safeguard your future.

Why NDR?

Elevate Protection and Liberate Your Team with NDR

SOCAutomation NDR’s advanced network threat detection coupled with automated cross-correlation and consistent Incident Response means your security coverage increases by orders of magnitude, and at the same time frees up valuable security staff and resources.

Let No Threat Go Unnoticed

Why NDR?

Rapid Incident Response

Time is critical in cyber warfare. SOCAutomation NDR empowers your security team with lightning-fast incident response capabilities. Quickly contain and neutralise threats before they escalate into costly breaches. Protect your reputation and bottom line with rapid incident response.

Real-Time Visibility & Insights

Gain unparalleled visibility into your network with our comprehensive NDR solution. Our intuitive dashboard presents actionable insights and threat analytics, allowing you to make data-driven security decisions that keep your business, users, and data safe.

Proactive, Not Reactive, Defence

Don’t wait for an attack to hit you. SOCAutomation NDR proactively identifies potential vulnerabilities, helping you patch weaknesses and bolster your defences. Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals with continuous monitoring and risk assessment.

Scalable & Cost-Effective

Using Edge AI cross-correlation techniques, SOCAutomation NDR delivers logic that mimics a SOC Analyst’s eyes and knowledge of processing alerts, emails, and data to identify attacks. These machine eyes act like cybersecurity experts…at scale.

Want to learn more?

Our expert team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can also demonstrate the technology in action to you and/or your colleagues.

Network Detection & Response

Fortify your cyber defence like never before. Don't wait for disaster to strike - act now and safeguard your future.

Phishing Detection & Response

Don’t wait for users to detect phishing. Detect suspicious content in machine-time and trigger automated responses.

Alert Triage & Orchestration

Reduce time-to-recovery by integrating Firewall, EDR, SIEM and ALL other security alerts into proactive automation.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Proactively guard your network with our continuous monitoring, ensuring immediate threat identification and quick fixes.

Enterprise Network and Web SCAN

Unmatched global network and web vulnerability scanner to detect weaknesses across all assets in one platform.

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