Automation: The future of security and compliance
Fight automated attacks with automated response
Don’t allow hackers to replace your workforce

SOCAutomation Detects Multitudinal Threats
Automating Incident Response Across All Security Planes

Automated Threat Intelligence

DataHelix TI

Edge AI Threat Intelligence

Automatically extract, detect, mine and investigate all your TI artifacts (domains, URLs, IP addresses, file hashes etc.) observed in your entire enterprise including zero-day attacks!

Instantly be notified of all detected threats and attacks

…No human intervention required!

Phishing Email Security

DataHelix PDR

Phishing Detect and Respond

Protect your business assets, users and data with real-time detection of advanced phishing attacks…

…and automate the response!

Detect, learn and remediate malicious emails and stay ahead of attackers by automating actions in real-time

Network Detection and Response

DataHelix NDR

Network Attack Detection

Fully autonomous Threat Hunting connecting multiple and distributed network probes and technologies into ResponseAutomation

Save days of arduous work by automatically detecting and responding to advanced network attacks

Alert Triage and Orchestration

DataHelix ATO

Alert Automation

Manage SIEMs, EDR, firewalls, proxies, systems mgt…anything that generates alerts

Deliver consistency across security and non-security teams and add automated triage, forensics and orchestration to your existing Security tooling

SOAR-as-a-Service Automated SOC


Managed ADR

Enjoy the full power of Automation Detection and Response for your business and security processes with the benefits of fully managed SaaS

Now you can leverage the power of your existing investment with maximum ROI delivering consistency across all your platforms

SOCAutomation featured in Gartner 2020 SOAR Market Guide

SOCAutomation‘s HyperAutomation SaaS technology is featured in this year’s Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide!

Our HyperAutomation SaaS Orchestration signals a quantum leap forward for ensuring deep security for your business. Check out Gartner’s 2020 SOAR Market Guide for more details.


HyperAutomation SaaS Security:

Fast and Easy to Setup That
Performs to Scale

The industry’s most advanced hyper-automated threat hunting and compliance platform – always on duty, always hunting, always preventing –
24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Leveraging supported elastic clustering technology, SOCAutomation is delivered as an easy-to-deploy-and-use SaaS subscription so you can start realizing the benefits automated security services immediately.


Capacity Challenge 

With robotic and sophisticated attacks hammering on your business/IT infrastructure’s door, your security team are constantly drowning in alarms. Investigating these attacks on a manual intervention, case-by-case basis simply cannot scale to meet the dense barrage of these attacks.

The Capacity Challenge

Data Leakage Dilemma

Whether we like it or not, organisations leak huge amounts of its data into the wild. Cyber criminals use this data against you to gain access to your IT infrastructure and other crucial assets. The sheer volume and persistence of these attacks requires an automated ‘immune system’ to protect against this onslaught.

The Data Leakage Dilemma

How Automation and Real Machine Learning Helps You

Utilising automation and orchestration throughout the investigation and triage stage is the most effective form of defence against these mechanised attacks – freeing up your security experts to be security experts. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the Real World SOCAutomation has a long pedigree of leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver unrivalled, super-fast ROI and vast improvements in Incident Response mitigation and remediation processes.

How Automation Helps You

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