Security Orchestration Automation & Response

Realise the full benefits of automation and orchestration without the stratospheric costs of an off-the-shelf manual SOAR toolkit.

Why SOAR SaaS?

Redefining Security Automation

SOAR tools are time-consuming to design and configure and typically utilise much of a security teams’ precious resources by requiring systems engineering work rather than security analysis.

A breath of fresh air for your staff and business’ security.

Maximise your limited SOC resources with SOCautomation’s SOAR-as-a-service app library of ‘off-the-shelf’ SOAR ‘apps’, which automates much of the day-to-day SOC work.

Why SOAR SaaS?

Unleash Full Automation Potential

A cutting-edge solution bringing a whole new level of security orchestration, automation, and response to your fingertips, empowering your team to be at the forefront of cybersecurity defence.

Detect Faster, Respond Smarter

Bid farewell to manual, time-consuming processes. Our state-of-the-art automation technology streamlines your security operations, rapidly detecting potential threats, and orchestrating intelligent responses.

Robust Security, Hassle Free

Access the expertise of seasoned security professionals without the overhead costs. This solution can be customised as part of the service without any additional cost or customer resources required.

Focus on Strategy, Not Mundanity

SOCAutomation takes the burden of repetitive tasks off your security team’s shoulders, enabling them to concentrate on strategic initiatives that drive your business forward. Boost productivity and efficiency while ensuring your security stays top-level.

Flexibility at your Fingertips

Covering on-premise, hybrid and cloud environments, our customisable SOAR-as-a-Service adapts seamlessly to your organisation’s requirements. SME or large corporation, our solution scales to cover all devices across all locations.

Want to learn more?

Our expert team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can also demonstrate the technology in action to you and/or your colleagues.

Network Detection & Response

Fortify your cyber defence like never before. Don't wait for disaster to strike - act now and safeguard your future.

Phishing Detection & Response

Don’t wait for users to detect phishing. Detect suspicious content in machine-time and trigger automated responses.

Alert Triage & Orchestration

Reduce time-to-recovery by integrating Firewall, EDR, SIEM and ALL other security alerts into proactive automation.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Proactively guard your network with our continuous monitoring, ensuring immediate threat identification and quick fixes.

Enterprise Network and Web SCAN

Unmatched global network and web vulnerability scanner to detect weaknesses across all assets in one platform.

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DataHelix TI

Leading AI that detects new, randomized, auto-generated and as-yet-undiscovered threats.


DataHelix AI

Edge AI technology that seeks out hackers' behaviour, giving attackers nowhere to hide.


DataHelix Auto-SaaS

Unlock automation benefits without incurring the high costs of typical manual SOAR kits.