DataHelix Threat Intelligence

Leading Edge AI technology that seeks out and detects new, randomized, auto-generated, and as-yet-undiscovered threats.

Why DataHelix TI?

A Quantum Leap in Comprehensive Security Coverage

DataHelix™ TI not only secures your network by scanning for all TI artifacts, but it delivers a huge Return on Investment for both your existing security tooling and your highly valuable security staff.

The Crucial Difference: ‘Partially Safe’ vs ‘Completely Safe’

Because traditional TI is just a static library, it only knows about past attacks. Hackers automate their attacks on your valuable assets every single day. It’s time to respond by automating threat detection, or be consumed by ever-sophisticated attacks.

Why DataHelix TI?

Cut Costs & Boost Protection

Reducing manual processes can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for dedicated personnel to handle routine extraction tasks. Additionally, automation reduces the potential for human errors, ensuring more consistent and reliable threat detection.

Goes Beyond Traditional Threat Intel

The ability to detect novel threats means the system isn’t solely dependent on known threat signatures. This aids in identifying and mitigating zero-day attacks. Therefore, your organization is better protected against emerging threats that might bypass traditional threat intelligence solutions.

Zero Trust, Zero Vulnerabilities

Zero Trust Networking is a security model that doesn’t automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeter. This tightens security as every request is verified before access is granted. By not trusting any entity by default, potential vulnerabilities are minimized.

Easy to use, Out-of-the-Box Security

Continuous monitoring and response capabilities ensure that threats are detected and dealt with at any time, day or night. This easy-to-use system encourages adoption and usage among staff, ensuring a wider and more consistent application of threat intelligence across your organization.

Want to learn more?

Our expert team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can also demonstrate the technology in action to you and/or your colleagues.

Network Detection & Response

Fortify your cyber defence like never before. Don't wait for disaster to strike - act now and safeguard your future.

Phishing Detection & Response

Don’t wait for users to detect phishing. Detect suspicious content in machine-time and trigger automated responses.

Alert Triage & Orchestration

Reduce time-to-recovery by integrating Firewall, EDR, SIEM and ALL other security alerts into proactive automation.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management

Proactively guard your network with our continuous monitoring, ensuring immediate threat identification and quick fixes.

Enterprise Network and Web SCAN

Unmatched global network and web vulnerability scanner to detect weaknesses across all assets in one platform.

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DataHelix TI

Leading AI that detects new, randomized, auto-generated and as-yet-undiscovered threats.


DataHelix AI

Edge AI technology that seeks out hackers' behaviour, giving attackers nowhere to hide.


DataHelix Auto-SaaS

Unlock automation benefits without incurring the high costs of typical manual SOAR kits.