Automated Threat Intelligence. Everything. Everywhere.


DataHelix TI

Fully Automated Threat Intelligence and Zero-Day Threat Hunting









Defend automated hacking with automated   protection…24/7/365

DataHelix PDR detects sophisticated and advanced Phishing by diving into the depths of each and every email as it arrives at source.

Suspicious content and/or attachments are detected in machine-time, triggering real-time automated responses.

The type and nature of these responses is entirely configurable, so you are always in complete control.


DataHelix™ TI not only automates the extraction of TI artifacts, DataHelix™ TI’s leading edge AI technology also seeks out and detects new, randomized, auto-generated and as-yet-undiscovered threats.

These crucial additions to your cybersecurity arsenal signify a quantum leap in delivering comprehensive security coverage for your business.

DataHelix™ TI not only secures your network by scanning for all TI artifacts, it delivers huge Return on Investment for both your existing security tooling and your highly valuable security staff.

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