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Cyber Security Study Reveals Lack of Boardroom Governance Across UK Industries

SOCAutomation is a solution that enables an effective response to breaches and provides a prioritised and coordinated Incident Response plan. The SOCAutomation platform also provides confidence between IT teams and management due to the detailed and clear-cut security Run-Books and reports which underlines the tasks that individuals/teams are completing. This solution also reinforces confidence that […]

Cyber Security: Mapping The Unknowable Risk

SOCAutomation provides a sufficient level of security to protect businesses against the imposing nature of cyber attackers. This automation and orchestration Security Fabric connects all of the relevant stakeholders into each specific Security Incident. SOCAutomation embeds itself deeply within the company, showing the tight integration levels that this platform is capable of. This comprehensive cyber […]

Cyber Security Budgets Not Rising in Line With Threats, Say Security Pros

This articles shows that there needs to be a lot more proactive within the scope of cyber security. Investment levels need to rise to ensure sufficient protection from the growing threat landscape. SOCAutomation deals with and handles the increasing complexity of cyber threats, matching these said requirements in which businesses are not keeping up with. […]