Automated Security Operations with Orchestration and Response

SOCAutomation is the leading Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution.

Integral to modern-day security operations, automation and orchestration enables you to effectively scale your security infrastructure operations to deal with the modern-day sophisticated barrage of cyber attacks.


SOCAutomation provides:

  • Unrivalled SIEM/security point tools integration to ingest ALL unfiltered alerts
  • Tool-agnostic – aggregated and standardised incident response
  • Front-end automation – auto-applies business, infrastructure and security context
  • Automated Feedback System (AFS) – tailored two-way tool integration with machine learning


SOCAutomation gives:

  • Run-Books automation – enables you to automate people, infrastructure and security tools
  • Huge ROI – allows your security experts to concentrate on more beneficial security tasks for the organisation
  • Maximises investment of existing/future security expenditure
  • Tailored and focused role-based KPIs and dashboards
  • Multi-tenanted with fully distributed components