Your users and devices are remote. 

Don’t let your data be left unguarded.

Today’s businesses need advanced protection from Phishing attacks.

DataHelix PDR

Unparalleled Edge AI Phishing Detection


Don’t wait for users to detect phishing

DataHelix PDR detects sophisticated and advanced Phishing by diving into the depths of each and every email as it arrives at source.

Suspicious content and/or attachments are detected in machine-time, triggering real-time automated responses.

The type and nature of these responses is entirely configurable, so you are always in complete control.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the Real World

DataHelix has a long pedigree of leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to detect advanced threats.

DataHelix also employs sophisticated statistical analysis and robust networking, indexing and cross correlation techniques to deliver a SOC Analyst’s eyes on mail, data and identity attacks.

These machine eyes are designed by CyberSecurity experts to act like CyberSecurity experts…at scale.

In this way, DataHelix delivers unrivalled protection against even the most heinous of attacks.

How Automation Helps You
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