CISO Challenges

3 Part Series from TechTarget – ‘CISO Challenges’   1 – Identifying and Addressing Common Problems   The first part of this series discusses the modern-day issues surrounding cyber security and the threats posed on organisations. These cyber threats are giving CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) an ever greater challenge, not only to keep […]

Context-Rich and Context-Aware Cyber Security

With SOCAutomation, all existing information security products can be connected and integrated together into one Security Fabric. The power of automation and orchestration is used throughout the solution to triage incidents/alerts generated by third-party tools. The necessary intelligence will then be gathered and the required stakeholders found, all automatically. Following this, tailored Run-Books will be […]

What’s at Stake: Why Incident Response Matters

With SOCAutomation, cyber incidents and alerts are coordinated and prioritised in line with the requirements of the organisation. This leads to streamlined, effective and efficient mitigation/remediation processes. This state-of-art solution takes in all generated incidents/alerts from the organisations’ existing, and future, information security stack. This give cyber security a high priority within the organisation, which […]

Cyber Security Study Reveals Lack of Boardroom Governance Across UK Industries

SOCAutomation is a solution that enables an effective response to breaches and provides a prioritised and coordinated Incident Response plan. The SOCAutomation platform also provides confidence between IT teams and management due to the detailed and clear-cut security Run-Books and reports which underlines the tasks that individuals/teams are completing. This solution also reinforces confidence that […]

Combating the Cyber Security Job Crunch

SOCAutomation answers the growing fears of cyber security. This solution brings all of the point security products together into one security fabric, automating many tasks that ultimately creates a more effective recovery response for SOC teams. Alongside this automation, SOCAutomation auto-maps out the incident to required stakeholders who need to respond to the threat, and […]

European Union GDPR Data Rules Prompt Cyber Security Review

SOCAutomation meets the new EU regulations, and provides a scope of security to handle the modern day threat. The auto-orchestration Security Fabric provides this necessary innovation and shields organisations from any potential, increasingly detrimental breaches. This modern approach to Security interweaves all of the integrations into one Security Fabric, giving this ‘composite view’ that is […]

Cyber Security: Mapping The Unknowable Risk

SOCAutomation provides a sufficient level of security to protect businesses against the imposing nature of cyber attackers. This automation and orchestration Security Fabric connects all of the relevant stakeholders into each specific Security Incident. SOCAutomation embeds itself deeply within the company, showing the tight integration levels that this platform is capable of. This comprehensive cyber […]

Cyber Threat: How To Respond…And When

SOCAutomation works with all variations of cyber attacks (e.g. Phishing, DDoS, APT, Malware, etc.) and can also be utilised for non-cyber incidents too (e.g. door access, CCTV breach, etc.). This vast array of cyber variations shows that SOCAutomation provides all the information and context to achieve remediation from an Incident. This unique Incident Response platform […]

Government To Invest £1.9 Billion Into Cyber Security

The innovation of SOCAutomation matches the increasing concern surrounding cyber security. Then intelligence of this Security Fabric cleverly takes in all of the data and context required to remediate from an Incident. Using parallel intelligence platforms, the interweaving Security Fabric blankets all of the point solutions into one mesh, allowing the alert to be understood […]

Cyber Security Budgets Not Rising in Line With Threats, Say Security Pros

This articles shows that there needs to be a lot more proactive within the scope of cyber security. Investment levels need to rise to ensure sufficient protection from the growing threat landscape. SOCAutomation deals with and handles the increasing complexity of cyber threats, matching these said requirements in which businesses are not keeping up with. […]

NIST Incident Response Plan: Four Steps to Better Incident Handling

SOCAutomation takes out the time-consuming task of collating information about incidents and organising the tasks to achieve remediation. This prioritised and coordinated approach to Incident Response means that the remediation process can begin promptly allowing the breach to be handled effectively.   SOCAutomation also embodies a ‘Lessons Learned’ knowledge base and a ‘Fire Drill’ capability. […]

What Are You Doing to Spot a Breach?

SOCAutomation provides an instant and effective approach to cyber attacks and guides businesses through the process of remediation. This proactive approach to cyber security, based on SANS 6 Steps to Incident Response, enables the capacity to automatically respond to an incoming incident.   Automation is utilised throughout the platform to; map assets and their stakeholders, […]

These Types of Hackers Are Driving Cyber Attacks Now

These sophisticated attacks need to be matched with a sophisticated security platform – SOCAutomation. Orchestration and automation is the way forward when it comes to combatting these breaches. Innovated techniques through the use of an all-encompassing security fabric that integrates all of a companies’ existing security tools, adds business-specific context to an incident and through […]

The Incident Response Process Is On The Clock

With SOCAutomation, all of the security tools are blanketed under one security platform, known as the ‘security fabric’. This means that automation can be brought to the Incident Response process as a whole, and orchestrate security Run-Books to guide stakeholders through the remediation process. SOCAutomation also adds business-specific context to each incident providing a launch […]

Why Security Execs Are Living in Denial About Cyber Security and How They Can Stop

SOCAutomation answers all of these damning facts and figures regarding the current state of cyber security. SOCAutomation takes all of these point security tools and brings them together into one security fabric, enabling them all to be managed under one platform. The automation and orchestration that SOCAutomation provides allows companies to deal effectively with this […]

Obama Government Proposes 33% Hike in Cyber Security Spending

Spending in security point solutions is definitely not the way forward. Organisations should take a step back, analyse their current Incident Response process, and try to orchestrate what they already have in terms of security and infrastructure technologies, services and personnel, creating a security fabric. Thereafter, specialist security applications can be seamlessly plugged into this […]

UK Firms Under Cyber Attack Threat Due to Lack of Cyber Resilience

With SOCAutomation, you can arm your business with the sufficient levels of protection needed to prevent these hackers from gaining access to your all-important data. This tool works with your current investments and can be easily integrated into your business – SOCAutomation develops in line with your business, underlining our proactivity within the scope of […]

Cyber Security Remains a ‘Pain Point’ for Most Organisations

Automation and orchestration technologies should now be an integral part of information security. These technologies will address the increasing skills gap and the rise in complexity of incidents. In addition, MSSP’s will need to offer better contextual security services that are closer aligned to the needs of the customers’ business. It is fundamental for companies […]

EU Managers Need to Up Cyber Security Collaboration, Study Finds

This article focuses on the lack of understanding of what constitutes a risk and the poor communication between management. SOCAutomation adds context to risks early on, so that management understand how a potential risk affects a business asset. We create a Run-Book, so management can see early on if there is any legal or compliance […]