CISO Challenges



July 20, 2016

Josh Walker

3 Part Series from TechTarget – ‘CISO Challenges’

1 – Identifying and Addressing Common Problems
The first part of this series discusses the modern-day issues surrounding cyber security and the threats posed on organisations. These cyber threats are giving CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) an ever greater challenge, not only to keep up with the changing threat landscape, but also the best way to coordinate and prioritise incidents as and when they come in. This article also describes the struggle that some CISOs/C-level security personnel go through to try and bridge the gap between technology and the business.
2 – Addressing Cyber Security Blind Spots
The next part of this series examines the need for more advanced information security systems, tools and processes, in order to combat the modern challenges posed by cyber threats. The greater need for these innovative, proactive and state-of-art systems is a pressing situation for CISOs, underlining the changing nature of cyber security.
3 – Cyber Security Blind Spots: Mitigating Risk and Vulnerabilities
The last part of this series detailing ‘CISO Challenges’ explains the fact that risks and vulnerabilities are becoming more difficult than ever to first spot, and then address. The article then follows up by claiming that detection technologies are often very narrow in scope, further stressing the need for more advanced and innovative information security tools and processes.

Our Response

SOCAutomation brings all existing and future security products under one platform. This Security Fabric makes it easier for companies to spot, coordinate and respond to the incidents generated by the information security tools feeding into it. This all-encompassing solution aligns information security to the business, bridging the increasing gap between technology and the organisation, which is a growing enterprise issue.
SOCAutomation is a state-of-art solution which uses proactive methods and parallel intelligence systems to triage incidents/alerts generated by third-party security products. SOCAutomation then generates tailored best-practice Run-Books based on company processes, necessary stakeholders and type of incident. These highly-personalised Run-Books guides participants through the stages to remediation, allowing the organisation to return to a state of normalisation. The powers of automation and orchestration cancels out the time it takes to take in an alert and triage it manually through the organisation. This creates valuable time within an incident to concentrate on the remediation process. SOCAutomation truly streamlines incident response processes.