Context-Rich and Context-Aware Cyber Security



July 18, 2016

Josh Walker


This article details what is needed to improve cyber efficacy and efficiency in the ongoing battle between cyber security and cyber attacks. The leverage of connected architectures, threat-intelligence data, orchestration and automation are all suggested to improve these levels of efficacy and efficiency. This article goes on to exclaim that ‘integration improves effectiveness’ – further suggesting the need for tighter integration between security products/tools, in order to spot, address and recover from the ever-changing cyber threats.

Our Response

With SOCAutomation, all existing information security products can be connected and integrated together into one Security Fabric. The power of automation and orchestration is used throughout the solution to triage incidents/alerts generated by third-party tools. The necessary intelligence will then be gathered and the required stakeholders found, all automatically. Following this, tailored Run-Books will be generated in line with the policies, procedures and requirements aligned to the organisation. These Run-Books detail the tasks needed to be completed within the incident-life and guides participants along the route to remediation. SOCAutomation altogether improves the effectiveness and efficiency of incident response, enhancing the organisations’ information security capabilities.