What’s at Stake: Why Incident Response Matters



July 15, 2016

Josh Walker


‘A penny-wise, pound-foolish approach to incident response easily winds up costing a company dearly after their luck runs out.’   As the quote above explains, incident response needs to be a top priority within every organisation, given the extent of the cyber threat landscape. A thorough and well-organised incident response plan/process can be of so much benefit to the organisation at the end of the day. The article suggests that some organisations wait until a cyber attacks has occurred, before realising they have ad-hoc incident response plans. There is an ever-greater need to get plans, initiatives and processes in place early, to sure up the organisations’ defences before it’s too late.

Our Response

With SOCAutomation, cyber incidents and alerts are coordinated and prioritised in line with the requirements of the organisation. This leads to streamlined, effective and efficient mitigation/remediation processes. This state-of-art solution takes in all generated incidents/alerts from the organisations’ existing, and future, information security stack. This give cyber security a high priority within the organisation, which is needed to combat the modern day cyber threat landscape.
This all-encompassing, extremely detailed and thorough incident response platform leaves no stone unturned. All aspects of the incident, and the procedures thereafter, are examined, in line with the processes of the organisation. Automation and orchestration is levered throughout SOCAutomation, empowering the SOC (Security Operations Centre) team to combat cyber threats, effectively securing the valuable assets and infrastructure of the organisation.