Cyber Security Study Reveals Lack of Boardroom Governance Across UK Industries



April 6, 2016

Josh Walker


A recent study reveals that only 53% of UK boards have a data breach management plan in place – this is not enough for the modern-day cyber threats. Alongside this, the study also revealed that 48% of businesses stated that cyber security only comes up on the agenda “every few months”, with many suggesting that it only came up twice a year. This survey also stated that out of the companies surveyed, on average only 9% of their IT budget was being spent on cyber security. These figures lead to the notion that there is a lacking of confidence between IT teams and C-level management. This was contributing to the prevention of development of their Incident Response processes.

Our Response

SOCAutomation is a solution that enables an effective response to breaches and provides a prioritised and coordinated Incident Response plan. The SOCAutomation platform also provides confidence between IT teams and management due to the detailed and clear-cut security Run-Books and reports which underlines the tasks that individuals/teams are completing. This solution also reinforces confidence that the IT budget is being spent well and providing the company with heightened cyber security.

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