Combating the Cyber Security Job Crunch



April 6, 2016

Josh Walker


This article reinforces the belief that there is a growing shortage of skilled cyber security resources. This can be seen through the rising percentage of security jobs available – with the resources to fill these opportunities falling ever shorter. This article claims that the shortage of skilled personnel is the number one concern surrounding cyber security, as there is not enough resources to deal with the rising frequency of breaches. It goes on to suggest that the way to combat these rising threats is to automate as much of your security process as possible, in order to streamline your security plans.

Our Response

SOCAutomation answers the growing fears of cyber security. This solution brings all of the point security products together into one security fabric, automating many tasks that ultimately creates a more effective recovery response for SOC teams. Alongside this automation, SOCAutomation auto-maps out the incident to required stakeholders who need to respond to the threat, and orchestrates tasks needed to be completed by individuals/teams. This saves a huge amount of time within each separate incident, allowing more focus on the remediation process. SOCAutomation makes the most out of an organisations’ resources, truly streamlining the Incident Response process.

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