European Union GDPR Data Rules Prompt Cyber Security Review



April 5, 2016

Josh Walker


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU regulation that is expected to be in force by Spring 2018. This incoming regulation is designed to enhance the levels of data protection and could act as a catalyst for change surrounding cyber security. This legislation could push companies to go for a more state-of-art cyber security system, in order to protect their customer/stakeholders and to shield their business infrastructure and assets from breaches. The articles states that organisations need to ‘bite the bullet’ in the transitional period to accommodate a more modern approach to information security. The articles further claims that to combat the sophistication of cyber crimes, businesses need to have developed technologies in place that give a composite view of security.

Our Response

SOCAutomation meets the new EU regulations, and provides a scope of security to handle the modern day threat. The auto-orchestration Security Fabric provides this necessary innovation and shields organisations from any potential, increasingly detrimental breaches. This modern approach to Security interweaves all of the integrations into one Security Fabric, giving this ‘composite view’ that is required to successfully achieve remediation. SOCAutomation transforms Incident Response and provides the futuristic security processes that is needed to effectively shield business infrastructure and assets.

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