Cyber Security: Mapping The Unknowable Risk



April 4, 2016

Josh Walker


This article describes the ongoing war between companies and the cyber attackers and the ongoing threats that the latter propose. It goes on to elude to the fact the David Cameron has allocated a further £1.9 billion to be invested into the UK’s cyber security efforts. This sends out a strong signal to corporations that cyber security is at centre-stage of both national and international issues.

Our Response

SOCAutomation provides a sufficient level of security to protect businesses against the imposing nature of cyber attackers. This automation and orchestration Security Fabric connects all of the relevant stakeholders into each specific Security Incident. SOCAutomation embeds itself deeply within the company, showing the tight integration levels that this platform is capable of. This comprehensive cyber security process / strategy empowers all necessary stakeholders with complete transparency within each incident. This gives everyone, from SOC teams to C-level management, the knowledge within an incident and this provides the basis for the road to remediation.

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