Government To Invest £1.9 Billion Into Cyber Security



March 31, 2016

Josh Walker


The UK government propose to invest £1.9 billion into cyber security, underlining the high level of concern surrounding this topic. This increase in government expenditure further suggests the need to ‘act now, before it’s too late’, sending a signal to all businesses to up their businesses cyber security measures. The article goes on to say that cyber crime is preventable if the problem is understood, pointing to the knowledge gap of the modern day threat.

Our Response

The innovation of SOCAutomation matches the increasing concern surrounding cyber security. Then intelligence of this Security Fabric cleverly takes in all of the data and context required to remediate from an Incident. Using parallel intelligence platforms, the interweaving Security Fabric blankets all of the point solutions into one mesh, allowing the alert to be understood and enhances the recovery process. SOCAutomation provides a sufficient level of security for the business through this automation and orchestration platform, filling the void left by the increasing skills gap of security personnel.

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