Cyber Threat: How To Respond…And When



March 31, 2016

Josh Walker


This article describes the variations of cyber attacks and how the affects differ in each case. There is also sections on how the hackers penetrate the business and how the company can define the type of breach. It underlines the significant part this plays in choosing the right steps to respond to the different types of Incident and further suggests just how hard it is to define the type of attack. The article goes on the state that businesses need to understand how a threat works, in order to fully recover and achieve remediation efficiently. It concludes by suggesting that they way to effectively respond to alerts is through the use of playbooks and also through investment in security training for personnel.

Our Response

SOCAutomation works with all variations of cyber attacks (e.g. Phishing, DDoS, APT, Malware, etc.) and can also be utilised for non-cyber incidents too (e.g. door access, CCTV breach, etc.). This vast array of cyber variations shows that SOCAutomation provides all the information and context to achieve remediation from an Incident. This unique Incident Response platform auto-generates Security Run-Books within the incident. These Run-Books are totally customisable and business-specific, guiding the security personnel through the remediation process. This auto-orchestrated Incident Response platform provides a streamlined Security process that shields and protects company infrastructure and assets.

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