Cyber Security Budgets Not Rising in Line With Threats, Say Security Pros



March 31, 2016

Josh Walker


This article suggests that the average security budget of a company does not match the requirements set by the changing threat landscape. However, it does suggest that there is an increase in investment on cyber security from companies, although it still does not meet the required level. “Security is often seen as a supporting function or an overhead” – suggesting that in times of financial pressure, businesses may not be inclined to spend the extra money on cyber security products/procedures.

Our Response

This articles shows that there needs to be a lot more proactive within the scope of cyber security. Investment levels need to rise to ensure sufficient protection from the growing threat landscape. SOCAutomation deals with and handles the increasing complexity of cyber threats, matching these said requirements in which businesses are not keeping up with. A rise in complexity of threats often results in a rise in required point solutions – SOCAutomation blankets all of these security products into one auto-orchestrated Security Fabric, underlining the level of protection added to business infrastructure and assets. The reporting and easy-to-understand Security Run-Book capabilities of SOCAutomation also provide C-level management with significant information surrounding a specific alert or the teams Incident Response process as a whole. This means that management can see that the investment is crucial to protect against the modern day threat.

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