What Are You Doing to Spot a Breach?



March 25, 2016

Josh Walker


The cybercriminal world is moving quickly and the rise of attacks are proving how much hackers are developing. This article suggest that companies are slowly starting to realise the extent of the threats and how much of a detriment they can be. A further point is that hackers vary extremely. This can be seen through the different verticals targeted, techniques used and various ideologies, creating a sense of unpredictability. There is also the suggestion that businesses need to deal with some compromise in order to deal effectively with the attacks. The overall message that the article provides is that there needs to be a change in philosophy regarding the defence against cyber attacks in today’s era.

Our Response

SOCAutomation provides an instant and effective approach to cyber attacks and guides businesses through the process of remediation. This proactive approach to cyber security, based on SANS 6 Steps to Incident Response, enables the capacity to automatically respond to an incoming incident.
Automation is utilised throughout the platform to; map assets and their stakeholders, open incident Run-Books based on alert/incident triggers, to collect additional business and technical context to enable better decision making and to orchestrate security and infrastructure point solutions to assist in remediation.

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