Why Security Execs Are Living in Denial About Cyber Security and How They Can Stop



March 23, 2016

Josh Walker


This article underlines the huge rise in cyber security breaches, and the changing nature of these attacks. It states that the modern day threats are “not a case of if, but when” and this is backed up by the fact that there were 38% more cyber attacks in 2015 compared to 2014. This report also suggests that there is a general denial of this rise of cyber attacks and the changing nature of how the breaches are conducted, ultimately suggesting that company executives are ‘sticking their head in the sand’. It also states that there is too much emphasis being placed on single security platforms (point solutions), which are familiar but ineffective technologies as a whole.

Our Response

SOCAutomation answers all of these damning facts and figures regarding the current state of cyber security. SOCAutomation takes all of these point security tools and brings them together into one security fabric, enabling them all to be managed under one platform. The automation and orchestration that SOCAutomation provides allows companies to deal effectively with this rise in frequency and sophistication of these cyber attacks. SOCAutomation arms businesses with sufficient protection against these threats, through streamlining the Incident Response process.

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