UK Firms Under Cyber Attack Threat Due to Lack of Cyber Resilience



March 15, 2016

Josh Walker


This article represents the modern day problem and the risks that cyber breaches pose to businesses. Just 29% of UK organisations rate their level of cyber resilience as ‘high’, meaning that a staggering 71% rate their resilience below this. This suggests the huge gaps in cyber security that businesses are leaving wide open. These holes could be accessed by cyber hackers and they could potentially launch a successful attack. This means that companies are being left wide-open for these attackers to gain entry.

Our Response

With SOCAutomation, you can arm your business with the sufficient levels of protection needed to prevent these hackers from gaining access to your all-important data. This tool works with your current investments and can be easily integrated into your business – SOCAutomation develops in line with your business, underlining our proactivity within the scope of cyber security.

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