Obama Government Proposes 33% Hike in Cyber Security Spending



March 15, 2016

Josh Walker


This article provides an insight into the US government’s position on the increasing effects of cyber security breaches and the need to increased protection. Obama’s government propose a huge ‘hike’ in government expenditure on cyber security, with the current President requesting $19 billion (£13.6 billion), which would see an increase of 33%. This underlines the urgency and necessity of increased cyber security that all companies need to take evermore seriously.

Our Response

Spending in security point solutions is definitely not the way forward. Organisations should take a step back, analyse their current Incident Response process, and try to orchestrate what they already have in terms of security and infrastructure technologies, services and personnel, creating a security fabric. Thereafter, specialist security applications can be seamlessly plugged into this fabric.

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