EU Managers Need to Up Cyber Security Collaboration, Study Finds



March 15, 2016

Josh Walker


This article suggests that the demand for top level IT security personnel outruns the supply. This comes at an unstable time when the sophistication and frequency of cyber hacks is excessively on the rise. This suggests that many IT teams will not be able to sufficiently cope with a modern-day cyber hack and this could have hugely detrimental effects on the company at stake.

Our Response

This article focuses on the lack of understanding of what constitutes a risk and the poor communication between management.

SOCAutomation adds context to risks early on, so that management understand how a potential risk affects a business asset. We create a Run-Book, so management can see early on if there is any legal or compliance touchpoints they need to be aware of. Communication is fundamental to the platform as we map ‘who in the organisation’ and also ‘what 3rd party entities may be involved’.

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